Types of Laptop

There are many types of laptop today and they can vary in specifications and prices. Below is the type of laptop that people use in general.

Cheap and Affordable Laptop for the Average User

Average People with LaptopThis type of laptop is for people like us, the average user who uses a laptop for the basic things such as web-surfing, online shopping, updating your Facebooks/social media, and maybe some occasional odd works.

Most of my laptop reviews will be in this category because I am more interested in decent and workable laptop that saves money and do not put holes in your pockets.

Reasonable and Decently Powered Laptop for Student

A typical laptop for average students in schools or colleges, is that it has to be at least capable doing some decent Students and laptop“multitasking”. When I say multitasking, I mean doing typing some school projects or PowerPoint assignment for class presentation, while web-surfing, and playing online games at the same time. Yeah, the student life, I was one of them before 😉

So suitable laptop for students are the ones that are able to do multiple task at the same time and therefore should be decently powered.

Laptop for Gaming

Photo Illustration by Alex Stanley '12 A student is seen playing a game on his laptop in class. The illustration is used as an example of in class gaming that happens all over the Brophy Campus.

For the avid gamer, they typically need a laptop that is usually more powerful than your average users. This means more powerful processor, much higher RAM and bigger memory data. A powerful GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) or sometimes known as VPU (Visual Processing Unit) is often needed to get a satisfactory graphics for a great gaming experience.

Laptops for Artist or Graphic Designers

Artist or graphic designers usually require a laptop that is reasonably powerful and with decent GPU or graphic capability. Graphic or designing software will require some power and RAM speed for it to be able to run smoothly and without any glitches.GraphicDesign Laptop

Slow and underpowered laptops will not be able to carry the design software and might even crash. You don’t want that to happen.


Laptops for the Power User

Power user laptopPower user referred to the alpha males or females. These types of people are always on the go for meetings and work. Their laptop has to be lean and mean just like their owners. This type of laptops is very powerful that can handle multiple tasks at hands such as PowerPoint presentations, excel spreadsheets, and high-end database applications. We are talking about very powerful processors, big RAM numbers, and big memory data storage.

Laptops of this kind are usually very expensive. Obviously this site will not be covering this type of laptops as we are more concerned for people like you who are budget conscious and looking for a great deal 🙂